DUI Charges

Zoeller At Law Indianapolis DUI. Someone might say that coffee, exercise or eating bread might sober you up quickly, but the only method that really works is time. It is important to understand that buzzed driving can still be very dangerous. law attorney

During the 2013 holiday season about 2,575 arrests were made on California highways. Getting charged with a DUI is a 100-percent avoidable as long as everyone is responsible when drinking and makes sure to take preventative measures.


Starting on December 22ndNor Cal Bail Bonds will be providing rides from bars to peoples’ homes in an effort to prevent DUIs and help keep the roads safe from now into the new year. Out of those arrests a majority made over the New Year’s weekend. A person may not feel drunk because of a built up tolerance to alcohol and that they are merely feel buzzed, but this can still result in a conviction, injury or even death. A DUI can be very costly and can even result in jail time. It can take several hours for alcohol to properly filter through the bloodstream. It is estimated that in California a first offense misdemeanor DUI can cost over $15,000 and result in a license suspension

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